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Integrating Apache NiFi with Okta SAML Authentication

NiFi Security SAML

2022-11-30 • 9 minute read

Apache NiFi 1.13.0 introduced support for single sign-on authentication through a SAML identity provider. NiFi 1.17.0 included a refactored implementation based on Spring Security 5 while maintaining compatible points of integration. The Okta identity platform enables configurable SAML 2.0 authentication, supporting federated access as well as group management and single logout processing. Configuring Apache NiFi with Okta SAML provides a strong access management solution.

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Implementing Apache NiFi Support for Sensitive Dynamic Properties

NiFi Security Encryption

2022-08-02 • 7 minute read

Apache NiFi 1.17.0 introduced framework support for sensitive dynamic properties, allowing operators to protect custom properties in selected components. Sensitive dynamic properties enable component developers to support flexible configuration while maintaining system security.

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Analyzing and Mitigating XML External Entity Vulnerabilities in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security Vulnerabilities

2022-05-31 • 12 minute read

Apache NiFi 1.16.1 resolved XML external entity vulnerabilities in multiple components, described in CVE-2022-29265. Reviewing current and previous XML vulnerabilities enables an accurate characterization of the impact on particular deployments. A summary of the resolution provides useful details for any project that performs XML processing.

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Evaluating Log4Shell and Apache NiFi

NiFi Security Log4j Log4Shell

2021-12-14 • 12 minute read

The Apache Log4j 2 arbitrary code execution vulnerability known as Log4Shell has impacted numerous products and services. Although Apache NiFi does not use Log4j 2 directly, several extension components include library references that should be considered.

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Configuring Apache NiFi Repository Encryption

NiFi Security Storage Encryption

2021-11-10 • 8 minute read

Configurable information storage is a core feature of Apache NiFi. Multiple releases have expanded support for encrypting information in application repositories. Recent updates in NiFi 1.15.0 have streamlined both the implementation and the configuration associated with repository encryption.

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Improving JWT Authentication in Apache NiFi

NiFi JWT Security

2021-10-23 • 14 minute read

JSON Web Tokens provide authorized access to Apache NiFi for a number of authentication strategies. Recent changes to JWT handling have improved the security posture of several important elements including key generation, secret storage, signature verification, and token revocation.

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Deciphering Apache NiFi Component Property Encryption

NiFi Security Encryption

2021-07-29 • 12 minute read

Encrypting sensitive component properties is one of the foundational features of Apache NiFi. Understanding and configuring the required settings is essential to deploying a secure system.

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Single User Access and HTTPS in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security

2021-07-21 • 8 minute read

Apache NiFi 1.14.0 builds on a foundation of configurable security and provides a better starting point for simple deployments. Single user authentication and automatic certificate generation for HTTPS access close several gaps in the default configuration.

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