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SSHJ Key Authentication Formats

SSH Cryptography Security

2023-04-06 • 9 minute read • David Handermann

SSHJ is a Java library supporting SSH and SFTP client operations. As the SSH protocol has evolved to support multiple authentication strategies, SSHJ has adapted to support a variety of formats and algorithms for public key authentication. Based on an extensible design, SSHJ is capable of loading and using keys from a number of different source formats.

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Enabling Apache NiFi Support for OpenPGP Signatures

NiFi OpenPGP PGP Cryptography

2022-02-19 • 10 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.15.0 incorporates new processors for signing and verifying OpenPGP messages. SignContentPGP and VerifyContentPGP provide enhanced security for OpenPGP processing, supporting cryptographic signature handling as a standalone operation or in conjunction with encryption.

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