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Backward Compatible Content Decryption in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security Encryption

2023-02-20 • 11 minute read • David Handermann

Backward compatibility is both an important and challenging part of software engineering. Decrypting information using legacy algorithms requires additional maintenance, but it provides a migration path for better alternatives. Apache NiFi 1.20.0 introduced new content decryption processors to enable migration from weak and proprietary formats to more robust options.

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Implementing Apache NiFi Support for Sensitive Dynamic Properties

NiFi Security Encryption

2022-08-02 • 7 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.17.0 introduced framework support for sensitive dynamic properties, allowing operators to protect custom properties in selected components. Sensitive dynamic properties enable component developers to support flexible configuration while maintaining system security.

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Configuring Apache NiFi Repository Encryption

NiFi Security Storage Encryption

2021-11-10 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Configurable information storage is a core feature of Apache NiFi. Multiple releases have expanded support for encrypting information in application repositories. Recent updates in NiFi 1.15.0 have streamlined both the implementation and the configuration associated with repository encryption.

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Restructuring Apache NiFi Support for OpenPGP

NiFi OpenPGP PGP Encryption

2021-09-14 • 15 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.14.0 includes a redesigned approach for encrypting and decrypting OpenPGP messages. The introduction of new Processors and Controller Services for OpenPGP provides additional capabilities and address a number of issues with the original implementation. These new components support a variety of potential use cases and create opportunities for additional development efforts.

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Surveying Pretty Good Privacy After Three Decades

Encryption GPG OpenPGP PGP

2021-08-16 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Pretty Good Privacy has provided a common standard for message encryption and digital signatures for over 30 years. The OpenPGP specification is not without its detractors, but new development efforts have continued in the face of pointed criticisms. The current landscape includes both historical artifacts and new initiatives to bring current cryptographic standards to the specification.

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Deciphering Apache NiFi Component Property Encryption

NiFi Security Encryption

2021-07-29 • 12 minute read • David Handermann

Encrypting sensitive component properties is one of the foundational features of Apache NiFi. Understanding and configuring the required settings is essential to deploying a secure system.

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