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Introducing Jagged for age Encryption in Java

age Cryptography Encryption Security

2023-08-29 • 16 minute read • David Handermann

Jagged is a set of Java libraries supporting the age encryption specification. Designed as a simple and modern file encryption standard, age builds on trusted cryptographic algorithms and provides a concise structure for formatting header and payload information. Jagged provides a modular implementation to enable application integration for automated or interactive use cases.

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Streamlining Apache NiFi Cluster State Migration

NiFi Clustering ZooKeeper Kubernetes

2023-07-01 • 6 minute read • David Handermann

Cluster state tracking in Apache NiFi supports consistent and resilient flow processing across multiple nodes. Apache ZooKeeper provides a common solution for NiFi state tracking, with Redis as an alternative option. NiFi 2.0 adds Kubernetes ConfigMaps as a state tracking provider, and also introduces a simplified approach for migrating from one state provider to another with minimal configuration.

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Supporting OIDC Refresh Tokens in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security OIDC

2023-05-13 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.21.0 introduced support for OAuth 2 Refresh Tokens as part of redesigned OpenID Connect integration. Refresh Tokens support extended application sessions while maintaining security using Access Tokens with short expirations. Redesigned OIDC integration is compatible with existing deployments and provides additional security with standardized OAuth 2 Token Revocation.

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