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Supporting OIDC Refresh Tokens in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security OIDC

2023-05-13 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.21.0 introduced support for OAuth 2 Refresh Tokens as part of redesigned OpenID Connect integration. Refresh Tokens support extended application sessions while maintaining security using Access Tokens with short expirations. Redesigned OIDC integration is compatible with existing deployments and provides additional security with standardized OAuth 2 Token Revocation.

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SSHJ Key Authentication Formats

SSH Cryptography Security

2023-04-06 • 9 minute read • David Handermann

SSHJ is a Java library supporting SSH and SFTP client operations. As the SSH protocol has evolved to support multiple authentication strategies, SSHJ has adapted to support a variety of formats and algorithms for public key authentication. Based on an extensible design, SSHJ is capable of loading and using keys from a number of different source formats.

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Backward Compatible Content Decryption in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security Encryption

2023-02-20 • 11 minute read • David Handermann

Backward compatibility is both an important and challenging part of software engineering. Decrypting information using legacy algorithms requires additional maintenance, but it provides a migration path for better alternatives. Apache NiFi 1.20.0 introduced new content decryption processors to enable migration from weak and proprietary formats to more robust options.

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