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Backward Compatible Content Decryption in Apache NiFi

NiFi Security Encryption

2023-02-20 • 11 minute read • David Handermann

Backward compatibility is both an important and challenging part of software engineering. Decrypting information using legacy algorithms requires additional maintenance, but it provides a migration path for better alternatives. Apache NiFi 1.20.0 introduced new content decryption processors to enable migration from weak and proprietary formats to more robust options.

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Integrating Apache NiFi with Okta LDAP Groups

NiFi Security Okta LDAP

2023-01-26 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol supports a number of integration strategies in Apache NiFi, including authentication and authorization. LDAP can be used in conjunction with single sign-on solutions to provide user enumeration and group membership for NiFi access policies. In addition to serving as an Identity Provider using OIDC or SAML, Okta provides an LDAP interface for centralized management and retrieval of users and groups.

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Integrating Apache NiFi with Okta OIDC Authentication

NiFi Security Okta OIDC

2022-12-21 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi has supported single sign-on authentication using OpenID Connect since version 1.4.0. Building on the OAuth 2.0 specification, OIDC supports delegated authentication using standard credential processing flows. The Okta identity platform provides configurable OIDC authentication, enabling centralized identity management and access policy enforcement. Okta delivers a well-documented implementation of OpenID Connect, supporting a robust authentication strategy for NiFi deployments.

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