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Getting Started with Hatch for Python Projects

Dependencies Hatch Python

2024-05-15 • 5 minute read • David Handermann

Hatch enables building, managing, and publishing Python projects using standardized configuration and straightforward commands. As a project of the Python Packaging Authority, Hatch implements modern management conventions and provides a plugin system for extensible integration with project lifecycle actions. With default project templates, Hatch supports static analysis, unit testing, code coverage, binary packaging, module publishing, and more, through an intuitive command-line interface.

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Managing Logging Libraries in Apache NiFi

NiFi Logging Dependencies

2021-12-29 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Vulnerabilities in Log4j 2 and other logging libraries have prompted increased scrutiny across many products. Apache NiFi integrates with a wide variety of services that require various dependencies, including multiple types of logging. NiFi 1.15.2 incorporated the removal and exclusion of several unnecessary libraries, highlighting the importance of managing logging dependencies.

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