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Introducing Apache NiFi Deprecation Logging

NiFi Logging Programming

2022-10-22 • 7 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.18.0 added deprecation logging to warn administrators about components and features targeted for removal in future major releases. Deprecation messages presents important software versioning information in a standard format, improving communication between project developers and community users. Reading and responding to deprecation warnings enables administrators to prepare for upgrades and avoid breaking changes.

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Relaying Syslog UDP Events with Apache NiFi

NiFi Logging Syslog

2022-09-26 • 12 minute read • David Handermann

The syslog protocol has provided a conventional approach to networked logging for decades. Apache NiFi has supported sending and receiving syslog messages since version 0.4.0. Apache NiFi 1.17.0 introduced the UDPEventRecordSink service, supporting record-oriented message transmission over User Datagram Protocol for syslog and other use cases.

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Introducing Apache NiFi HTTP Request Logging

NiFi Logging HTTP

2022-04-26 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.16.0 added configurable logging for HTTP requests, which the framework processes during user interface actions or service operations. HTTP request logging supports a number of use cases, including access auditing, communication troubleshooting, and performance monitoring.

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Managing Logging Libraries in Apache NiFi

NiFi Logging Dependencies

2021-12-29 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Vulnerabilities in Log4j 2 and other logging libraries have prompted increased scrutiny across many products. Apache NiFi integrates with a wide variety of services that require various dependencies, including multiple types of logging. NiFi 1.15.2 incorporated the removal and exclusion of several unnecessary libraries, highlighting the importance of managing logging dependencies.

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