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Building OpenTelemetry Collection in Apache NiFi with Netty

NiFi OpenTelemetry HTTP

2024-02-26 • 9 minute read • David Handermann

OpenTelemetry provides an common specification that supports software observability across numerous platforms and services. With the introduction of ListenOTLP in versions 2.0.0-M1 and 1.24.0, Apache NiFi enables a number of filtering, transformation, and routing use cases. Built on the Netty framework, ListenOTLP provides complete support for the telemetry types and encoding strategies defined in OpenTelemetry Protocol 1.0.0.

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Supporting HTTP/2 in Apache NiFi


2022-07-07 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is one of the foundational Internet protocols. Almost 20 years after the initial version, RFC 7540 codified HTTP/2, maintaining the core concepts of HTTP/1.1 and incorporating several important optimizations. Building on advances in Jetty 9 and JDK 8, recent improvements to Apache NiFi introduced server support for HTTP/2 in both framework and extension components.

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Introducing Apache NiFi HTTP Request Logging

NiFi Logging HTTP

2022-04-26 • 8 minute read • David Handermann

Apache NiFi 1.16.0 added configurable logging for HTTP requests, which the framework processes during user interface actions or service operations. HTTP request logging supports a number of use cases, including access auditing, communication troubleshooting, and performance monitoring.

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Introducing Socket Broker

Socket Proxy SOCKS HTTP

2022-01-24 • 10 minute read • David Handermann

Socket Broker is a Java library supporting SOCKS and HTTP proxy servers with authentication. Socket Broker provides TCP network connections through proxy servers with optional support for username and password credentials, without the need for configuring Java system properties.

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